Galaxies, Quasars and Controversial Redshifts

NGC 4319 and Markarian 205

The Discordancy Report catalogs extragalactic discordant redshifts, critically analyzes the data and observations, and promotes continued scientific study of redshift discrepancies.

The Big Bang Theory is widely accepted today by both astronomers and astrophysicists alike.   However this theory into the origins of the Universe is based upon one very large assumption.

That assumption is that the shift in the observed light of most extragalactic objects toward the red end of the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is caused by the accelerated expansion of the entire Universe. The Big Bang Theory postulates that this expansion began as a colossal explosion of all the matter and energy in existence today which started out as an infinitesimally small point of infinite heat and density almost 14 billion years ago.

NGC 7603 and 7603B

Many observations clearly show that there are close and physically connected extragalactic objects with greatly differing redshifted spectra.  

These varying spectra are assumed to indicate the objects are located and accelerating away at great distances and speeds from one another and from the observer.  But the variety of evidence available calls into question the accuracy of these assumptions.

Clusters of galaxies arranged in spiral formations display a wide range of redshifts for such concentrated structures.  There are objects that appear to be connected to other objects either directly or via bridges of material but possess discordant redshifts that place them millions and even billions of light-years apart. Some of these objects have extremely high redshifts that indicate apparent sizes and energy outputs far greater than anything that could possibly exist based on our understanding of accepted physics.

Stephan's Quintet

What happens to the Big Bang Theory if it is discovered that extragalactic redshifts are not the result of  cosmic expansion and acceleration?

If redshifts are not indicative of distance or the expansion of the Universe then we are obligated as scientists and scientifically minded people to attempt to discover the source and origin of their intrinsic values. Meanwhile we will have to find new methods for accurately measuring the distances of extragalactic objects and continue to refine our existing methods. Also we will have to face the prospect of a Universe without a beginning or an end, that is possibly infinite in size, and within which matter and energy is interchanged in an endless cycle.

This website serves as an open forum for these ideas and as a growing repository of the discordant redshift observations that have inspired them.